Medical Clinic Design

Not every visit to a healthcare facility is a pleasant one, but we aim to create a welcoming and comfortable commercial interior that supports the healthcare service provided, and puts people at ease.

Activate Physiotherapy

At Bellfort, we have experience in all healthcare interiors and can create a space to suit your business and the medical fit out it requires.

We also ensure your interior space is designed so that BCA requirements and code compliancy meet both landlord and statutory authority regulations.

Some healthcare interiors will require treatment rooms with specific needs. Others may consist of consulting rooms planned within a restrictive space, incorporating reception and administration areas.

A medical fit out for a healthcare interior has to accommodate different equipment specifications. Often this equipment requires electrical, hydraulic or mechanical services to operate properly. We have the understanding and expertise for these services and we consider these requirements from the moment we meet with you and take a brief.

Waiting areas should be stimulating, but not overpowering, and consulting rooms need to provide adequate working and patient communication space. Administration areas are often underestimated within a commercial healthcare interior. These areas need to accommodate equipment, day-to-day documentation such as patient files and forms, and storage for records and supporting stationery items.

Healthcare interior design in Perth can still be vibrant and exciting by introducing interesting finishes and fittings, whilst harmoniously blending them with the functionality of the space. Your commercial interior design not only needs to look good. It needs to work well and we can help you achieve this for your healthcare environment.

The Activate Physio consult suite in Bentley occupies a creative interior space. Why not read through the case study on this project